Garmin Transom/Trolling Motor Mount Dual Beam Transducer

Motor Mount Dual Beam Transducer

Motor Mount Dual Beam Transducer

You all know about the fish finder GPS. It’s very useful gadget for fishing and fun. But there are some accessories needed to run with the fish finder to make the fishing experience more money and time worthy. If you still don’t have a fish finder GPS, go to your local market or search on Amazon. Amazon has the best fishfinder GPS combo offers than anyone else. But in the accessories, a transducer is very crucial for the perfect fishing experience. Anyway, last month I bought this sensor called Garmin Trolling Motor Mount Dual Beam Transducer from Amazon.

It cost me a reasonable price with free shipping. I got the components I needed; must got the transducer and the trolling motor mount, the screws to attach to the threaded collar here for the sensor connector, the washer as well. I used my clam, the only tip I would give you is a day before you do it stretch the transducer cable undo the little tie there and straighten it out to get any kinks out. This will make running the transducer cable up the shaft of the trolling motor a bit easier. 

Installation Process

Tools required for this installation is a very simple pair of side cutters, a couple of screwdrivers of different types, and some zip ties. According to the company, this dual beam transducer replaces the one included with the arrangement of the fish finder. A 500 W 4-stick transducer; a working recurrence of 77 to 200 kHz; wide a shaft of 45 to 15 degrees; and it mounts on a 0 to 70-degree transom. All the accessories is in the package. This can easily fix with the boat or kayak. Installation process shown in the manual. This motor mount dual beam transducer is very essential for fixing a fishfinder. It can easily fixed with a tie.

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