Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder with Dot Matrix 40m Range

Lucky FFW-718 Portable Fishfinder

Lucky FFW-718 Portable Fishfinder

For the price the Lucky FFW-718 portable fishfinder includes two lanyards, viewing display, a water-proof case that opens up to the viewing screen, a detatchable antenna, and a portable transducer. The transducer comes with a single CR2032 battery, although the display uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries which are not included. This product is well suited for users aboard canoes, kayaks, or fishing from the bank side. It operates similar to any basic fish finder. It shows the water depth accurately, displays water temperatures, and has fish indicators. Having the battery operated transducer is helpful, as many alternative fish finders use rechargeable transducers that are much less convenient.

Additional features I like are the ability to switch between metric or US depth measurements, display of battery level, and the high powered signal strength of the portable transducer. The Lucky FFW-718 is very easily setup and programmable. The device continues to remember all user settings, when turned off or on. The display is clear and readable, no matter what cloud conditions or weather outside. The display is equally readable in the daytime or nighttime. The unit is also light weight, so it is easy to carry with other equipment.

As with any battery operated device, I would suggest carrying some spare AAA batteries and an extra CR2032 just in case. Still the battery life is long lasting, if you don't leave the transducer on non-stop. This is easily the cheapest fish finder combo on the market today. I glad to own a Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder, as part of my fishing toolkit. I would be lost without it.


The important thing is getting the device that will make itself the most productive. A fish finder is not a necessity, but an item bought to enhance the fun of fishing. So being an informed consumer only counts, if the choice made is reality based. Decide upon the right price range, then pick from any of the products reviewed here today. All of them being picked out, because they are worth their weight in fish. If only they could be purchased with that currency.

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