Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder and Chartplotter Reviews

Lowrance Mark-4

If you're a fishermen or the type who likes the "nuts and bolts", then you'll like the Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder and Chartplotter. The Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder and Chartplotter goes by "tenths of the readings" compared to the other units. It has a valuable 'point and shoot' capability which is one of the best features. If you have no time to waste, just point your rod at that location and target.

Feature of Lowrance Mark-4 Combo GPS and Chartplotter; Equipment

The Mark 4 series fish finders feature internal 16-channel GPS and WAAS Antenna. The unique Trackback feature is considerably the asset in this fish finder device, especially for those who want there data stored. The DownScan Overlay™ enhances this device; including the DownScan Imaging which is built onto CHIRP Sonar.

The GPS does what it's intended to do, work to find hot spots, specific location points, ...etc. and you'll see these elements charting back to you while your out on your local fish spots, or new ones. he in depth sounder and chart viewer can be mounted on a sailboat, kayak, or regular boat, but as long as it's on a flat surface. The waypoint setup and the compass heading all work to it's fullest potential for great fishing results.

The Mark-4 Combo display screen, color and vividness

The menu button and the navigation button are very easy to use, and the display screen, also, is easy to read. The screen measures 4.3" and 480 x 272 monochrome TFT. Such elements of interest that you may like on the Mark-4 combo is the in-depth views, the temperature displayed, the battery life display and the GPS capabilities. Depth is very accurate. The contrast and brightness are fair, only because it's black and white.

The views are for fishfinder, the GPS, split screens, and compass and battery life which all make it a great fish finder package, yet you do have to put it in advanced mode when displaying all. The screen is still vivid even in bright sunlight, b/w, but it has simple digital readings. The main thing here is that you catch your fish where it says you should.

The mount transducers; the Mark-4 fish finder combo

The transducer is included and can safely be mounted on flat area of your water vessel. Although, the cable is short.

Fishing capablities: the Mark-4

While you're fishing, it's the bottomfish that you want. This Mark-4 fish finder combo has the ability to track any species. For those inshore / offshore fishermen, you can simply have a great experience with this capability, whereas, others that require a higher cost don't really compare. If you're a tournament fisherman, you'll be happy that you used it during them or will use it for those fishing expeditions.Consequently, the TrackBack™ will allow you to review your "sonar history". You can also 'mark your locations' with a waypoint.


  • The clarity of the screen
  • The storage of more than 3000 waypoints.
  • Can be mounted on kayaks and a variety of water vessels.
  • Battery life is three days from 8-10 hours, a recharge on a 10 AH 12V battery.


  • Unfortunately, it's black and white, but, the solution is to think "...Just CATCH fish!"
  • Some of the gauges will bust or get corroded; this is what one reviewer mentioned. Solution: there is a spray that can take care of this on the market; to prevent corrosion.
  • GPS is difficult to turn off. Solution: read the instructions carefully or reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Willl I lose information from the chartplotter?

A: The information is stored if your unit is off, also, resetting is required every so often, and you're starting point is stored too.

Q: Are hotspots stored for later use?

A: There are certain spot stored for later use; in fact, up to 3000 waypoints can be stored.

Top of Form 4

Bottom of Form 4

Q: Can it be mounted on a kayak?

A: It can be mounted on a kayak, but on it's flat surface.


This one is considerably one of the "Best fishfinder gps combo" so, for you anglers out there, you may want to add this to your list if you decide you like this one amongst the other three. This unit is for the "nuts and bolt" fishermem; those who want it straightforward, black and white with no trouble. This is recommended if your the simple type of fisherman and you really don't mind about simplicity of this particular fish finder.

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