Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder and Chartplotter

Lowrance Mark-4 Combo

The Lowrance Mark-4 combo has a compact design. It is also split screen capable, although the display is only in greyscale. Reviews claim that users will never lose their way again with the newest TrackBack features. These allow for plotting course and then reverse navigation, a nice feature in my opinion. This GPS ready combo unit even has the ability to store 100 routes, 3000 way-points, and all the favorite fishing locations without any external storage. Although it is complimented with a MicroSD card slot, so all the important data can be backed up.

The button layout is a quick study, but the amount of features can take some time. Getting familiar with the entire device capability is deceptively simple. Also the power cord and transducer are made to share a single plug in and there is no inline fuse for the power cord. This should not be a problem for most, just something noteworthy. The device has additional rubber pieces that cover the MicroSD card slot.

Sometimes a little memory capability can be enough. With the expanded memory storage, there are some glitches in the charting and navigation. The depth readings on this model tend to be fluctuating, but this maybe something more experienced users can work out. It is best if new users spend some time working with the unit at home. Doing this before installing it and sailing out, could save many headaches.

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Technical Specification - Lowrance Mark-4 Combo

  • Display Size: 5’’, 12.7 cm
  • Frequency: 83/200 KHz
  • Brighter LED Backlighting
  • Easy to use menu page and menu control
  • Accurate internal GPS antenna
  • Micro SD card slot
  • The storage of more than 3000 waypoints
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