Lowrance Elite-7 TI Med High Totalscan Fishfinder

Lowrance Elite-7 TI

The Lowrance Elite-7 TI Med High Totalscan Fishfinder offers a wide range of functions and features with an exceptional value. It is a high performance sonar including CHIRP, structure scan, down scan imaging and side scan imaging. Lowrance navigation technology proven that it has intuitive touchscreen, bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

The Lowrance Elite-7 TI Med High Totalscan Fishfinder also features built-in connectivity that not only allows you to download software updates directly to the unit. This gives you the capability to download insight Genesis custom maps for immediate use directly from the water. Down scan and side scan are great and clear. You need not to drill any holes in your boat to get this thing to work. Lowrance Elite-7 TI is so far ahead of the others in technology but still so easy to use.

If you are a fisherman, then you know just how important it is to arm yourself with the best gadgets out there that will help you catch more fish than ever before. This is where the Lowrance ELITE-7 TI Med High Totalscan Fishfinder comes into play. Lowrance ELITE-7 TI is a great fish finder that comes inclusive of an easy to use touch screen operation that is normally not included in cheaper models. For anyone unfamiliar with this model, it’s actually the old HDS Gen 2 fish finder repackaged into a new body. This however does not mean that it uses outdated technology.

Technical Specification

Armed with a 7’’ screen monitor, Lowrance ELITE-7 TI is available in both angler friendly DownScan and TotalScan bundles. This model is inclusive of many key features which make it stand out from the rest Elite models. Some of the key features include:

Display: Lowrance exclusive, high resulation, wide screen, 7-inch (800 x 480), LED-backlit color.

Network Connectivity: Allows for basic waypoint sharing, engine data interface and external GPS/Heading sonar integration.

Touchscreen: Touchscreen provides fast, fingertip access to all Elite-7 TI features. It is very easy to use.

Wireless Connectivity: Built-in wireless connectivity. Access to the go free cloud where you can shop, purchase and immediately use insight maps and third party maps from go free partners.

Resolution: 800 x 480

Frequency: Down imaging 455 KHz. Side scan imaging 455 KHz. CHIRP Sonar 83/200 KHz. Bandwidth 50/83/200 KHZ. Mid/ High Chirp 4 DownScan 455/ 800 kHz.

Power Output: Max 500W RMS

Power requirement: 12V DC

Language: 31

Media port: 1 micro SD slot

Antenna: Highly accurate internal built-in GPS antenna. 

Network: Networking NMEA 2000

Insight Genesis: Capable of Insight Genesis

Multi-touch Fishfinder

Lowrance ELITE-7 TI is a multi-touch that comes inclusive of a cover and can accommodate a micro SD card as well. Aside from this, it has a high resolution 7 inch LED back light color display as well as a structure scan. Lowrance ELITE-7 TI comprises of track features that allows a user to scroll back through sonar history to review structure or even fish targets. From here, you can easily mark the location with a way point.

If you are new at using fish finders, do not fret as there are tons of fun tools that will help you learn once you master how to read the images on your screen. One of the best things about this unit is that its split screen of Sonar/ Downscan with StructureScan allows a user to view all data at once allowing you to break down water faster than ever before. Overall, it’s a great unit that is highly affordable and best suited for anyone working on a tight budget.

Affordable Fishfinder

If you are looking for an affordable fish finder integrated with multiple features that perform exceptionally well, then this is the product for you. When you compare it to the previous 5’’ model, you’ll note that you have more screen space to use. The 5’’ was a little compact and allowed a user to utilize split screen down or Structure Scan alongside sonar and mapping. This extra 2 inches allows you to do all this plus maximizes what you can see – this means that you’ll have more diagonal space where you’ll easily see objects and fish on the screen.

Upgrade of Charts 

This model also comprises of some optional Americas Chart upgrades that include lake insight and nautic insight Pro & HD, Navionics hotmaps, Premium and fishing hot spots Pro global cart upgrade options as well. It also comes armed with built-in wireless connectivity that allows a user to log online and search for whatever they need on the net – you’ll be provided access to the go free cloud for storage. Feel free to save and store your data for later viewing. Do note that Lowrance ELITE-7 TI is best suited to be mounted under a jackplate or even under the first step where it won’t get damaged easily by debris found in water.


  • One transducer does speed function, great looking and good price.
  • Large amount of functions for the money.
  • It is really fast and looking awesome.


  • Touchscreen little finicky.
  • Poor instruction connecting iphone or ipad.
  •  Manual is lacking.


Q. How to updates software?

A. Software and maps are updates directly.

Q. Does it can save memory?

A. Yes, it can save memory with a micro SD card

Conclusion - Lowrance Elite-7 TI

The Lowrance Elite-7 TI Med High Totalscan Fishfinder will accept the Standard Mapping Satellite Photo eCard. You can use the photograph that a better option than topographic or marine maps along the Gulf Coast. It is very easy to operate and above all the screen can be viewed in direct sunlight.

Lowrance ELITE-7 TI has a TotalScan bundle that comes packed with the new TotalScan Skimmer that is affordable, all-in-one sonar as well as an imaging transducer. This transduder allows a user to gain ability to view DownScan, CHIRP, 2D, and StructureScan on your device. Keep in mind that this model is a very long transducer so ensure that you have enough mounting space on your rig for better support.

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