Humminbird 409680-1 PiranhaMax 197C PT Color, Portable Fish Finder Reviews

Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C

Go fishing and know exactly where the fish are biting is somewhat of a miracle or so it seems? But, with some of the best fish are right underneath you at times and you don't know it. Majority of the times their lingering around, right underneath your boat. With some of the best advanced, technological gadgets that are out on the market, you'll be able to track them with the GPS/Chartplotters or Maps quickly for your recreational or tournament style fishing expeditions by Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C.

Their actually very helpful, fun and majority of the fishfinders are so advanced that you can use them off and inshore. Notably, the fishfinders will even give you the in-depth capabilities, the fish locations, and even store some of your data.

Take a look at these four reviews and find out which one is the best to use out of the four to catch a bunch on your next fishing trip.


With this portable fish finder, you'll get all the help you need and find what you're looking for when you decide to go out on your water vessel. Whatever kind of fishing you enjoy: freshwater or saltwater fishing, you can use this particular fish finder. In general, with one of these Hummingbird Portable fish finders, you'll detect where they are because of the capabilities it has with it's GPS.

Product packaging and equipment; transducer mount

The PiranahaMax 197c portable fish finder has a built-in transducer. It comes with a suction cup mount, yet it doesn't work with a non-flat surface. You can mount it on a smooth, flat surface, unpainted, plastic, fiberglass, or metal boat. The transducer has a cable to mount from the unit, to secure the transducer with clips, if need be.

It takes 1.12 V batteries, but it does come with the package at first. Additionally, it does come with a 1 ft. cable for the battery it's supplied with. The base has a handle so if you decide not to use the bag it comes with, you'll still have the base. It comes with the plastic base, a bag with pockets, the hardware, the unit's battery, and the cables. Included is a battery charger for a house outlet.

Display screen - Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C

The Hummingbird portable fish finder has a display of 3.5 " and measures 240H X 320V. The fish finder's dimensions are 10.3 x 13.5 x 12.5 inches and weighs 10.5 lbs., although shipping weight is 10.2 lbs. you can view the rates with the policies here. (See: ie=UTF8&nodeId=468520#aag_shipping) This makes it interesting, but, mainly, so you can see what's below your boat with great clarity, there's no other fish finder like this one because of the display. The screen has a depth of 320 ft of down-imagingand an easy-to-use interface. Including are the fish alarms, depth alarms, and zoom capabilities which are more simpler for targeting than some other versions of the Hummingbird fish finder series.

Dual Beam Sonar for the Humminbird PiranahaMax 197c fish finder

The Dual Beam Sonar is 3.5″ and the display size is 240H X 20V. Limited in the sonar functions, but it does have the "Selective FishID+" which is the main element in a fish finder. What it does is give the icons of the fish to the sonar returns, and in return, if it meets a specific set of requirements, then they are recognized as fish.e...

A very helpful and handy feature for the first time user. The fish alarm enables the unit to a specific sound and, for instance, if you have a "speckled trout" in your FishID+ and the alarm setting for that specific fish alerts, then that's what was found beneath or below the clear or murky water. Ultimately, it does deliver 600' of sonar depth data which read easily on the display.

The fish finding sonar and the battery

The higher quality chartplotter has a high definition and accuracy. It's considered a great basic GPS fish finder and can be used for both salt water fishing and fresh water fishing. The sonar screen is easy to use too, but if you want to see the battery voltage you have to navigate through the screens, basically get rid of them, in order to read the voltage of the battery. It doesn't shoe it on the main screen.

To get to the sonar page, you navigate to the right to get there.oes not show battery voltage on main screen, you have to go through the menu screens to the right page and leave those screens to get to the sonar. It's not like some others that has a "programmable display" which shows voltage along with other screens.


  • Has a clear depth sonar of 1000 ft.
  • Battery and charger come with it.
  • Clarity of the display is great making it easy to easy what's beneath the water and your boat.
  • The unit is floatable and is sonar basic.


  • Case is poorly designed. Solution: Make your own or design it.
  • It comes with the suction cup mount for the transducer; but doesn't mount on any non flat surface like an old painted boat, it has to be smooth surfaced. Solution: Make a smooth, flat box, and mount it on that.
  • It's a decent depth finder, but not very good as a fish locator. Solution: If you know where the fish are considerably good at in your local spot, then the depth finder can help, if that does any good at all.
  • The power cable has only 1 foot long so it leaves you with only a few options. Solution: to use on a fishing kayak, for instance, fabricating your own cable and wiring seems doable for other anglers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: With this price, does the battery come with it and what else?

A: The box that it's delivered in has the battery, tranducer, the cable, and the suction cup.

Q: Is it lightweight?

A: The package is 10 pounds.

Q: Will this unit hook up to the battery?

A: The unit will hook up to a 12v deer battery, so what do you think?

night, even with light at lowest setting!


Nowadays, the PiranhaMAX Series illustrates one of the best in fish finders for anglers all over the lakes, rivers, and coastlines with lurking fish beneath. Giving fisherment the more for their money, this particular fish finder will keep you motivated for more with it's additional down imaging.

Not only can you see what's beneath your boat or rig, with a clear view, it's an easy to use piece of equipment, but that's because of the interface which unlocks the power of the Fish ID+. Addtionally, the fish alarms, the depth alarms, and the zoom mode help it make it more simple.

Finally, it does have that extra technological "bite" that no competitor will match. The portable unit comes with the battery and the suction cup transducer in every package. One of the best fishfinder GPS combo.

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