Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Fishfinder System, Black

Humminbird 999ci HD SI

First up on the search for the best fishfinder GPS combo is the Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Fishfinder System in black. This fishfinder has it all, from multiple imaging point-of-views to modern sonar technology. With its sleek appearance and wide range of compatibility, you won’t be sleeping with the fishes, you’ll be catching them!

Priced at about $1,600 the Humminbird 999ci is one of my more expensive options, but the multiple high-tech features make up for the pricey cost. It is equipped with an 8 inch HD screen with a pixel matrix of 800H x 480V to provide high quality, color images. Humminbird offers a 1 year warranty and a responsive support system in case of technical problems or inquiries. The 999ci has an RMS power output of 1000 watts, while the peak to peak power output is maxed at an impressive 8,000 watts. The sonar frequency ranges from 50-800 kHz making this fishfinder a powerhouse of a product. Though not portable, the 999ci has both Gimbal and In-Dash mounting options depending on your preference

Updated Look

The Humminbird 999ci fishfinder system has an updated appearance that makes using the product both easy and aesthetically pleasing. The 8” display screen renders HD images in over 65,000 different colors and is lit with bright LED lighting. The high quality screen allows for easy viewing even in overly sunny weather. The control buttons are clearly marked and minimal to prevent confusion for first-time users. The 999ci comes with a matte black covering providing both protection and style.

Multi-View Imaging

This particular model provides users with both Side and Down Imaging sonar, known as 360 Imaging. With this technology you will have access to multiple viewpoints at the touch of a button. Switch from seeing all around your boat to a view of single, isolated area. In Side Imaging mode you will be able to see 240 ft. segments of the boat, with the option to view both the port and starboard side. The Down Imaging mode lets you see 3000 ft. below your boat and can identify various underwater structures. The 999ci also comes with 5 preset views to save time and reduce guesswork.

SwitchFire Technology

To accommodate the large specs of the Humminbird 999ci, the fishfinder comes equipped with SwitchFire sonar technology to locate fish of various shapes and sizes. SwitchFire provides a maximum peak to peak power output of 8,000 watts to accomplish your grandest fishing endeavours. The sonar system can detect fish as far as 1,500 ft. below your boat, opening up a range of aquatic species for you to discover and hopefully catch!


Though this model includes a built-in GPS, the 999ci is additionally compatible with multiple GPS systems to give you optimal tracking abilities. A popular system among fishing communities is i-Pilot, which allows you to record and retrace water paths or to lock onto a specific location. There is also an autopilot option to keep things running while you relax.


  • Sleek and easy to use design
  • Multiple viewpoints and depth perception
  • Multiple GPS options
  • Large, bright HD screen makes viewing easy
  • Expansive sonar detection

Cons & Solutions

  • Expensive – Advanced features and technologies make up for cost
  • Not portable – Offers multiple mounting options


1. Q- What is the difference between the 899ci and the 999ci?

A- The main difference is the size of the screen. The 899ci is 7” while the 999ci is 8”.

2. Q- Is this unit a complete package or do I have to buy other components?

A- This unit is a complete package and includes everything you need.

3. Q- Does this unit include maps?

A- This unit provides basic maps with the option to add maps with greater detail

4. Q- Does this unit include a transducer?

A- This unit includes the transducer model XHS 9 HDSI 180 T.

5. Q- Can this unit support WeatherSense?

A- No, however this unit can take temperature readings.

Conclusion - Humminbird 999ci HD SI

If you are willing to spend a little extra on high quality technology, then I would recommend the Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Fishfinder System. This particular unit comes ready to use with a variety of advanced tracking features, and has the option to expand on these technologies through attachments and links. If you find that visibility is an issue, the 8” HD LED lit screen will serve you well in all lighting conditions. Overall, the Humminbird 999ci is one of the best fishfinder GPS combos on today’s market.

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