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Humminbird 595c Combo 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Marine GPS Chartplotter Reviews

Humminbird 595c Combo Reviews

Anglers will love the all-in-one fishfinder. Using Humminbird 595c Combo for recreational use, fishermen are offered easy to use fishfinding capabilities from the sonar and GPS combo because of it's built in elements. With built-in maps of the U.S.A. rivers, lakes and coastline! Mark hot spots, mark your routes...there's no end to what you can do with this GPS/sonar combo.

For instance, the GPS chartplotting has a built-in map called the UniMap. It's small, but it does the trick. It's ideal for those weekend fishing trips because of it's functionality and advanced features, which naturally are expected in freshwater or saltwater units like this that are combos, sonar and gps/chartplotting devices. You will not be disappointed; it does fulfill both function abilities as a fishfinder along with the full features which a fishfinder gadget should have.

While it seems it's only for small spaces, the Hummingbird Fishfinder 595c Combo's has real-time sonar performance which will instantly capture what's going on underneath the waters of your boat. Addionally, the Sonar Echo Enhancement will reveal the smallest details including your jig. For instance, if you're in a marina with shallow water depth, you can count on the Hummingbird's depth sounder to keep you alert while keeping you off the 'ground'. One angler who uses it in the Gulf of Mexico, for instance, said it provided adequate and accurate information in speed and depth.

Features of the Electronic Equipment

It a great a valuable piece of equipment for fishermen. The Hummingbird Fishfinder 595c Combo includes a fully automatic or manual operational which includes upper and lower range controls, including alert signals for the depth of the water you're floating on or located in. It has an alarm for fish and for the battery life, as well.

It's easy to control with X-Press Menus that access the most important controls with fewer button presses, and features TruArch for actual fish returns or selective fish ID+ with target depth, as well as one-touch zoom with 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x zoom levels, and TripLog with distance, elapsed time, and average speed.

  • The unit's electronic equipment works well; you can purchase sd cards for the lakes or rivers you are going to go and fish at.
  • The mounting device has a quick disconnect.
  • The Fishfinder 595c utilizes a 20-degree, single-beam sonar optimized for coverage and precision bottom detail that reaches a depth of up to 1,000 feet.
  • Target separation of 2.5 inches to reveal close-hanging fish.

Features of the Fishfinder 595c Combo's powerful specs / GPS

The Fishfinder 595c Combo has an internal, 16-channel WAAS GPS receiver with omni-directional antenna for higher performances. It also has a built-in, 4-nautical-mile resolution UniMap of the USA's inland rivers, lakes, and coastal areas which will put you in the hot spots for fish finding.

  • The Fishfinder 595c Combo runs on 10-20 volts of DC power, providing 300 watts RMS output and 2,400 watts of peak-to-peak output.
  • Full-featured fish finder with 16-channel WAAS GPS receiver and chartplotter all in one.
  • Temperature and speed is included.
  • There's a backlight to the unit.
  • This fishfinder has a high-speed, micro-dynamic transducer for optimum performance.
  • It's reliable for up to 70 mph; it includes water temperature and GPS speed.
  • This unit operates on the 200kHz (20-degrees at -10db) frequency

Features of the display screen: color and vividness

What will be most impressive to those who use the Fishfinder 595c Combo is the quality of the screen; the display with it's color screen and still be able to use it and see the display in the worst conditions.

  • The instructions for using the unit and for installing the transducer were well written and easy to follow.
  • All the information you need is displayed on a high-resolution, five-inch LCD screen with 320V x 240H lines and in 256-color TFT which is sunlight viewable. Display size, diagonal, is 5".
  • It offers the option: whiteline or structure ID bottom presentation.
  • Comes with a transom mount with a tilt-and-swivel quick-disconnect mount system and measures 7.25 x 7 x 4 inches (WxHxD).
  • The clarity of the screen information even on bright days and the bigger graphics option; It has a split screen zoom option.
  • 3D chart view with large digits; this is helpful for any fish finder; It has custom view selections.
  • The fishfinder is great the color is vivid and can be adjusted to different base colors so it doesnt blind you at night. The sceen also prevents glare during the day.
  • This system also features a selectable large, easy-to-read digital readout with a bright backlight and selectable screen background colors for night use, adjustable chart speed, and a memory that retains your settings.
  • 5-inch, high-resolution, 256-color TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels of resolution

Features of the map /sonar / chartplotter

  • The mapping is upgradable to Navionics seamless cartography with inland freshwater maps from Navionics HotMaps and Marine cartography for blue water use.
  • The standar sonar coverage is 20 degrees @ -10db.
  • - Included is the "mark structure on Sonar" and "selective fish ID on Sonar". Additionally, it's all in real time because of the strong sonar abilities. You can also put it on "freeze frame" view.
  • The standard sonar frequency is 200 kHz.
  • Built-in 4 nautical mile resolution UniMap of USA has inland lakes, rivers and coastal areas; the 20-degree single beam sonar is optimized for coverage and with a precise view for bottom of lakes, rivers, or oceans.
  • An extra chip is recommended by anglers who've used the Fish Finder 595c.
  • It includes 750 waypoints, 20 routes, and 10 tracks with 2,000 points per.


The Fishfinder 595c Combo is built tough for fishing trips, inshore or offshore, lakes, and rivers. Waterproof construction making it great for floating; here are some other pros to it.

  • The Fishfinder 595c combo assembled in the USA.
  • It has a one year manufacturer's warranty.
  • The fishfinder has vivid color which can be adjusted. You'll be able to see clearly -both day and night.
  • The unit has plenty of power; with the 20 degree single beam sonar it can reach depths to 750 feet (and reliable to 1000).
  • The Fishfinder 595c combo is easily installable.
  • It's reliable for up to 70 mph; it includes water temperature and GPS speed.
  • The fish finder is ultra-compact in size; in others it's small, 5".
  • Has an easy-on, easy-off mounting system which allows for easy access anywhere.


  • The maps are considered to some fishermen as outdated and pricey. SOLUTION: Update with the software upgrade compatible to it.
  • If proper water temperature display is weak because of the low battery, a small software glitch can be affected. SOLUTION: Keep battery charged at all times.
  • This GPS in the unit has no base maps. SOLUTION: Purchasing a navionics for a set of maps; some come with local maps which are the more popular lakes do go into great detail.
  • It's more adaptable for small spaces. SOLUTION: You can still attempt bigger fishing spots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: When attempting to turn on, sometimes the transducer alerts that it isn't hooked up. Why is this alert coming on when I attempt to turn it on?

A: Disconnect the transducer and unhook the power source; wait a minute and rehook it all back, try turning it on again. Also, keep the plug wires clean to prevent from corrosion and ensure that your battery is fully charged before going out on your fishing journey.

Q: When my GPS tracker is not coming on at times, what's going on?

A: Normally, it could be bad connections; check the antenna connects when it your GPS tracker isn't coorperating.

Q: I want an upgrade to the maps. Is it possible to upgrade the map so I don't have to use the built in one?

A: If you choose to upgrade to other maps compatible with the Fishfinder 595c Combo; suggested maps are the Navionics Gold, HotMaps, or HotMaps Premium, although, the Navionics is more compatible.

Reviewer’s Thoughts - Humminbird 595c Combo

The Fishfinder 595c Combo is affordable and versatile with a powerful sonar ability. It's loaded and any angler will enjoy all the abilities. The best elements in it is the clarity, the depth level of 750-1000 ft., and the vivid color display. The 595c Combo which is loaded with powerful sonar abilities. The a 5" diagonal wide-viewing angle has a vivid display and high resolution, plus the GPS built-in maps are reliable and on point for a great fishing experience "solo", or with firends. Humminbird company in popular for making GPS materials. Like the Best Golf Rangefinder, they provide Best fishfinder gps combo also. With the alarms for depth, fish and for the battery life, including what it's made for, finding fish, this Humminbird 595c Combo 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Marine GPS Chartplotter will give you exactly whatyou want and need. So, far so good with this unit; the fish below your vessel will give you all the details you need for that freshwater/saltwater fishing

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