Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Fishfinder Reviews

Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD Internal GPS Combo Fishfinder

Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD

You have a highly accurate depth sounder that gives crisp and clear bottom images. You can find where the bottom lurkers are hiding under sunken logs and other objects. Know how long a line to drop to entice them out of their lairs. Chart packs show you what the waters hold, you can set your course accordingly, and set waypoints to get you to the best location for the biggest and best catches of your fishing career. The unit is easy to set up and requires only a connection to 12 VDC. Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD is the Perfect GPS and a Fishfinder


1. Perfect marriage of GPS and a Fishfinder

You look at your chart and know exactly where you are. The GPS is accurate and you can avoid underwater objects that could foul or damage your prop and bottom of your craft. Your charts show detail, depth, and contours. All things that let you plot your fishing outing.

2.  Everything you need come in the box

The Fishfinder, transducer, and mounting hardware come together. You can then install it in an afternoon and be ready for use that evening or the next morning.

3.  All the features you want and yet simple to operate

The controls are intuitive. They let you move take Humminbird through its paces. There is no hesitation and fumbling about. Change modes and zoom in to get a better view at any depth. Drop a line when you see something of interest. Three programmable buttons let you program the things you use the most.Then switch to navigation and mark the spot on the chart to come back to the same spot later.

4. 4000 Watts of PTP SONAR Energy matches with HD resolution to give you a true picture of the waters below you

This amount of power punches though silt-laden waters as well as on peat-clouded lakes. You know where to drop your line and net them. The 688ci's High Definition screen then translates this all for you to see in full color.


  • It is easy to switch chart packs. Switch out a chart SD and pop in another
  • A 5-inch screen along with the color display make using this fishfinder simple and easy
  • I used it in Alaska and it warned me of shallow water, gravel, and sand bars. I would recommend this for navigating the lakes, rivers, and channels inside and along the coastlines of one of the most beautiful states in the union
  • This is the second Humminbird we bought and we are happy with what we purchased. It's perfect for our new boat were going to be using for fishing and recreation at our summer home in Florida
  • It was a breeze to install, everything came in the box and I was ready to go out on the lake where everything worked as advertised
  • After I bought the Nav pack, I wanted. I was trolling for bass and brought in two beauties all thanks to my Humminbird


  • I’ve had to have the unit serviced four times and still not working. (A few people even at the best of times get a lemon occasionally and need to work patiently with either Humminbird to get the problem corrected or your money back.)
  • Had problems saving my track data initially, Humminbird came through and showed me how to do it right and now I'm a pro at finding my way back to where the fish are waiting
  • Great little unit, does what I want, and was priced just where I wanted it


Q: Does the Humminbird LakeMaster SD come with the unit?

A: No, this is an optional feature, which you have to purchase separately.

Q: Is the fishfinder waterproof? I want to put it on my bass boat.

A: Do not submerge the unit. However, it is weather resistant. The unit has stood up to gale force winds, driving rain and had no problems.

Q: Does this fishfinder have a built-in chart plotter?

A: Yes, but you need to have the LakeMaster SD installed.

Reviewer’s Thoughts -Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD

Giving you the best fishfinder GPS combo is often difficult for a reviewer. We have done the searching among the many brands and models of fish finders. We have sorted through all their features in a lengthy process. This model met our criteria. Humminbird is one of the many brands that has a high standard of quality that gives you the angler the features and quality you demand. The 688ci is has multiple features that make it desirable both as a Fishfinder, navigational aid, depth sounder. Thanks to GPS and optional navigational packs. This all comes together in an ergonomically designed package. One that is simple to install and operate.

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