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Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI GPS Fishfinder with Down Imaging Sonar Reviews

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI Reviews

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI


1. Down Imaging gets you to where the fish are

You get to the bottom with a clear return and see what the bottom holds. Wrecks mapped and you can see them and either fish around them or avoid them is they are close to the surface.

Finding the fish is a cinch as you get an arch when the return looks promising and you can use the on board discriminator to verify fish or object.

2. Full-color Charting with GPS accuracy

You have contour charts with the depths marked and you can check to verify their accuracy with your depth indicator. Your position is marked in red and moves in perfect sync with the GPS positioning. You can then lay down waypoints as you like. 50 routes and over 2,000 waypoints are at your command.

3. Running navigation and Fish Finding is a cinch

The extra wide screen lets you run both functions side by side with ease. The 16:9 image ratio keeps things in proportion and the display is crisp and clear. You won't have to squint to see what's there.

4. Full featured Navigation integrated with Fish finding is now yours

Find the spots you like, then using the GPS get there in the minimum of time. Then peer into the depths and catch all the action. Focus down and zoom in to decide on your prey. Then you only have to send the hook over the side. You pick and choose and get the exact fish you chose, All simple, quick and painless.


  • Great GPS that's accurate and dependable
  • I was leery at first about all this GPS and Fish looking stuff. However, my grandson hooked it up and my retirement is not boring at all. I can go out on the lake. I find my way and the fish almost jump onto my hook. Then I can come home to a fish fry dinner with the misses. What more could you ask for?
  • All the bells and whistles at a bargain price
  • I don't even have to check the time. It's all done for me. Course, speed, and location all come in from a Navsat above, courtesy of NASA.


  • It doesn't work well mounted on a Terrova Trolling motor. It's being looked into as is an ongoing issue
  • Great product, but a pain to remove the SD card
  • Love it. Just wish it came with the map packs


Q: What power does it take?

A: A 12 VDC power source is required

Q: Can this be mounted on a trolling motor?

A: Yes, contact Humminbird for the appropriate mounting hardware.

Q: What does the unit weigh? I am thinking of an inflatable bass boat with trolling motor.

A: It weighs 5.4 pounds without the 12V battery.

Reviewer’s Thoughts - Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI

Getting more fish and getting to where they are biting is now easier than ever. The Helix 7 DI lets you navigate out to anywhere on the lake, river, and pond. With its full-color graphics library of charts and waterways, you can be assured that you always know exactly where you are. The fishfinder function takes you down to 1500 feet and shows you all the bottom features along with any obstacles such as sandbars and submerged trees. All in all this Helix get two thumbs up.

However, where it really takes the cake is when it is finding fish. Here they excel as they all let you focus to the correct depth. Identifies the species of fish are looking at. The new discriminator circuitry in this generation of fishfinders is a quantum leap over the older models.

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