Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS Reviews

Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5

Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS

Part of the successful Helix 5 fishfinder series. This model has most of the same features of its bigger brother. It is compatible with the chart packages on the market today. Chart packs like Navionics, AutoChart, and of course the popular Humminbird LakeMaster charting database. You have multiple frequencies beams. They allow you to vary your coverage in the waters beneath your keel. A single 12 V battery powers it. With it’s the high-resolution 5-inch monitor you can stay on the lake all day. Your eyes stay sharp with the large display. The big fish gets spotted. Drop your line and have it home in no time.

From there, your skills as an angler come into play. You can now land more fish and bigger ones than ever with the help of Humminbird.


1. XNT 9 20 T transducer

To get the fish you have to get the signal down to where the fish are. A return with the appropriate information translated to imagery tells you what is below. The Helix 5 does this with a multiple frequency transducers that gives you a spread of 20° and 60°.

2. Full-featured navigation

The unit gives you course speed. When you combine this with the GPS and the charting systems you have available there's no waterway, Lake, and even pond that escapes your digital crystal ball for finding the best fishing places.

3. Compatible with the major names in navigational charting packs

For example, Navionics not only gives you the charts. But it also gives you HD Bathymetry mapping that plots the temperatures as well. They update the charts every day to give you the current environment. You know where to fish and avoid any new obstructions. The Helix 5 works with most chart packages on the market and their LakeMaster series as well.

4. Cutting Edge Technology

Your situational awareness intensifies. The technology gets you to the places you want to fish. It lets you find them quickly, and easily. All this is the result of many painstaking years of research into underwater acoustics and SONAR development. This gives you unparalleled fishfinding and GPS mapping capabilities. All combined gives you the best time on the water you have ever had before.


  • Installation was quick and simple
  • It can even help you for night navigation on strange waters
  • This is a solidly built precision piece of navigational as well as fish finding technology
  • I especially like the navigational pack the covers the Western states as I intend to fish every one of them during my retirement
  • Everything I expected and works 100% of the time
  • This is one of the many in the Helix series of great fishfinders. It does exactly what I want and I have all my favorite fishing spots punched in. I can reach them whether it is sunny, overcast, and even raining


  • This may be too much fishfinder for the newbie angler
  • Combining GPS and the charting package is a great idea. However, they did not tell me I have to pay for the charts. They are worth it though
  • Arrived DOA, Amazon made it right however


Q: Is it easy to add a chart pack?

A: As one the best fishfinder GPS combo on the market, simplicity is the key. Put the SD card into the slot and you will be able to use the charts immediately.

Q: I am planning a vacation in Southeast Asia can I use Helix 5 in the Philippines?

A: There is a world map and it should be usable for places like the Philippines.

Q: Does the Helix 5, come with all the mounting hardware?

A: All mounting hardware and transducer brackets are included.

Q: What does it show for navigation?

A: It shows heading, speed, latitude, and longitude.

Reviewer’s Thoughts - Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5

Humminbird is one of the names fishermen turn to. This is the one they want have in a Fishfinder GPS combo. It gets the job done at a good price. The Helix 5 series gives you a variety of high-quality features, manufacturing, and fits the angler's budget. This particular model is in the midrange and has all the features of fisherman could possibly want to get them to their favorite fishing spot and set up the best course to get there.

The charts are outstanding. This reviewer would prefer a larger screen. However, overall, this Fishfinder GPS combo fits the bill.

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