Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5 Fish Finder

Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5

Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5

The Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5 Fish Finder is the most basic unit sold by Humminbird. Users maybe confused when reading the product specifications, but it requires upgrades to be a full fish finder GPS combo. Each of these have hidden costs. For users wanting updates for the on board software, they will have to buy an AS PC3 kit. This will connect the sonar unit to any personal computer for downloading software updates. This is due to the basic HELIX 5 fish finder has no built in micro SD card reader. This kit costs about $60 dollar directly from Humminbird. Another issue is that the basic HELIX 5 Fish Finder comes without a mounting bracket. To have a mounting bracket installed for the unit, could cost users $100 or more.

The worst problem is that this basic model has no GPS, MPH or time code. It only shows water depth and temperature. Other higher priced HELIX fish finders offer upgraded units that solve this problem, but not this one. In truth, having no GPS should make it false advertising to call it a GPS combo. I suppose you get what you pay for, as this is the only HELIX fish finder unit that remains priced under $200 dollars.

I personally would avoid this unit and purchase a better designed model. At best it is functional for its cost. I suggest users do a little more searching to find a better model fish finder.

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