Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Fishfinder

Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI

Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI

The inherent graphs are Uni-Map. There is a memory card space for growth and sparing waypoints. Never need to meander around looking for data, just stack up your waypoints. Freeze frame readings are easy to use. Overall Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI also enhances real time sonar readings. It gives sharper images with more clarity. Also it has views charted on split screen. Showing all the information needed at once.

Humminbird's Side Imaging is a progressive new innovation. It is totally changing the way I angle. Rather than casually observing beneath your pontoon, reel time users can see up to 240 feet from either side of your watercraft. See the water segment, structure, depressions items, and everything else. Not at all like customary sonar in its motion. Readings move up and down. Seeing precisely what is there in full color motion. In many ways, this is a much better fish finder than others I have seen.

Honestly, I am surprised by this fish finder from the Humminbird brand. It surpassed most of my expected tests for problems. It also has many positive reviews online, not just this one. Serious fishers should check out the Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD, before spending money on anything higher priced. It has all the essentials. So it maybe the fish finding combo that users have always been looking for, but never knew was out there. As with most of their products, the installation and setup is a no brainier.

Technical Specification - Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI

  • Display Size: 5’’, Pixel: 640H x 480V, TFT
  • Frequency: 200/83/455 KHz
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS), 4000 Watts (Peak to Peak)
  • Depth Capacity: 100 ft, 1500 ft
  • Power Input: 10.8 - 20 VDC00 ft, 1500 ft
  • Power Draw:  615 mA
  • Card Slots: 1
  • Features Included: GPS Receiver, GPS Tracking, GPS Chartploting,X-Press Menu System, 3D Chart view, Large Digit View, Temperature Graph, Snap Short, Recording, Freeze Frame, Triplog, Real Time Sonar,Split screen Zoom etc
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