Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI GPS Combo Fishfinder Reviews

Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI

Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI

Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI With a 640 x 480 5 inch VGA display, you have visual fish recognition down to 1500 feet. In addition, you have included internal GPS find your way around lakes, rivers, and even ponds. The controls move you about easily and quickly and you can even preprogram three of them for your favorite features. You have the famous Humminbird support. What is even better the unit is ready out-of-the-box.


1. Great picture all the way down

The energy that this unit puts out is penetrating and goes the limits. Getting down tonight 1500 feet is easy. It works even better in shallow water as well.

2. You'll never be lost again

The GPS is precise and once locked on you know exactly where you are and you can mark your position and set up waypoints. This allows you to search a leg and find the best fishing areas there. It has built-in cartography that lets you look at where you are and take advantage of the natural features.

This lets you drop your line with confidence as you not only can predict where the fish are going to be which you can then look down and see them to be sure.

3. Crisp graphics and imaging

Crisp graphics and go from imaging sonar to SwitchFire sonar. All of this is linked together on your display and shows the returns in full color for you to observe. You can then maneuver the boat over the best spot and with rod and reel all in the biggest catches you have ever had.

4. To deliver this kind of performance the unit puts out 4000 W PTP4.

In order to reach the depths of some lakes, you need a lot of energy to do it. That is why Humminbird has designed this unit with 500 Watts RMS to its max of 4000 Watts to send a sonar pulse through any kind waters beneath you. It does not matter if it is salt or freshwater the imagery that returns shows you the fish are many of them and most importantly their sizes. You can almost choose and pick the fish that you want to catch.


  • The GPS is locked on and you're ready to navigate
  • Program in your favorite features and you have them the click of a button
  • Shipping was fast and everything arrived ready to go
  • The chart plotter works like a dream and I know exactly where to pick up the best fish
  • I can zoom down and almost pet the fish I want to snag
  • Works to perfection and I've taken bigger catches since I've started using it
  • Works to perfection and I've taken bigger catches since I've started using it
  • Lets you look down to the bottom of the Lake and see all the details. You can find the hiding places and feeding grounds with ease


  • GPS takes a bit the lock-in. But once it's tracking everything works beautifully
  • Bought it for a present for my boyfriend, A part was broken, but Humminbird sent the replacement and now he's happy as a lark
  • One minor irritant is that when you shut it down it goes back to the default brightness


Q: Do I need an external antenna for the GPS?

A: No, the internal antenna is more than sufficient to get a lock.

Q: Can I add more maps?

A: You can buy a memory card that has additional charts and maps.

Q: Can I use this new hummingbird with my old 678c transducer?

A: Both transducers are identical and have the same part number.

Q: What's the maximum depth using SI?

A: The depths are 600 feet for SI and 1500 feet for DI

Q: Can I make this unit portable?

A: You can purchase a portable conversion kit from Humminbird.

Reviewer’s Thoughts - Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI

Great imagery, 5-inch screen, and a GPS to get you from point A to point B in style, that’s what you can expect from this great product from Humminbird. You can get down deep where the fish lurk and shallows are no problem either. You can Mark your way as you go and find your way back again the next day. The display screen shows you everything you need in both direction, speed, and what's beneath the keel.

So, this takes the load and the hassle away from trying to take your friends and family out on the Lake for a day of fishing. You'll not come up empty-handed. Because as you cruise along you can see what's below and trolling to the various spots that attract your eye.

This helps the entire family enjoy fishing more as the excitement mounts, as the trace gets closer and closer to your baited hook. Then when there is a strike, everyone can watch the action on the screen.

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