Humminbird 409450-1 688ci HD XD Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Xtreme Depth Fishfinder

Humminbird 409450-1 688ci HD

 Humminbird 409450-1 688ci HD XD Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Xtreme Depth Fishfinder is another great option for the fishing enthusiast. It makes it onto the list for the best fishfinder GPS combos for its ability to pack multiple functions into a compact unit.

The Humminbird 688ci offers users a 5 inch high definition 480H x 640V display screen. The display is lit with an LED backlight and runs on 256 colors, which is a minimal range compared to the 65,000 colors of the 899ci and 999ci, but still delivers on visual performance. The RMS power output measures at only 500 watts, while the peak to peak power output reaches 4,000 watts, putting this model at only half the power of its higher-end cousins. The standard sonar frequency reaches 200 kHz and still allows for a depth perception of 3,000 ft. Like the other models, the 688ci is not portable, but can be mounted via Gimbal, In-Dash, or Quick Disconnect. The unit’s price is very affordable at about $460, and once again Humminbird offers their customers’ a year-long warranty on their products.

Xtreme Depth Sonar

The Humminbird 688ci includes the term “Xtreme Depth Sonar” in its full name. This technology refers to the unit’s ability to read and view the depths of the waters below your boat. Set at the 50 kHz level, the 688ci has a very deep and wide field of vision, reaching a maximum depth of 3,000 ft. At the 200 kHz notch, the fishfinder focuses on accuracy, allowing users to track a variety of fish with ease and precision.

Card Slot

An external card slot is a great feature for a fishfinder unit that cannot support as many internal navigational programs. Like a memory card, the card slot allows users to save waypoints or upload maps onto their 688ci. This way tracking information can be stored and you will not lose progress from previous trips out on the water. Though the 688ci model only has room for one card slot, substantial amounts of data can be accessed to aid your fishing.

Programmable Buttons

Another handy feature on the Humminbird 688ci fishfinder is its programmable buttons. If you find you are enjoying a particular viewpoint, you can assign a specific button, 3 altogether, to that view for easy access. This way you will never lose your preferences or have to try to remember which point of view in which you prefer to work.

Compact Size

Size doesn’t always matter, but in this case it certainly makes a difference. The 688ci is much more compact than the 899ci and the 999ci, meaning it takes up less space on the boat. It weighs about five pounds, which makes it easy to carry and install. Despite its small size, the 688ci provides quality tracking and navigation that should satisfy most fishing needs.


  • Substantially less expensive compared to other models
  • More compact than other models
  • Depth perception of 3,000 ft.s
  • Internal GPS for navigation and tracking
  • Programmable buttons to save preferences

Cons & Solutions

  • Low color quality – requires less energy to run
  • Not portable – offers multiple mounting options
  • Not compatible with an i-Pilot link – requires less energy to run
  • Does not include 360 Imaging – requires less energy to run


1. Q- Does this unit come with a battery?

A- This unit does not come with a battery, but a 12V car battery is compatible.

2. Q- Like the 999ci, does this unit come with SwitchFire sonar technology?

A- Yes, SwitchFire sonar technology is included in the unit.

3. Q- Does this unit include 360 Imaging technology?

A- This particular unit does not support 360 Imaging.

4. Q- Is this unit compatible with an i-Pilot link?

A- This particular unit is not compatible with an i-Pilot link.

5. Q- How many card slots are available with this unit?

A- This unit includes 1 card slot.

Conclusion - Humminbird 409450-1 688ci HD

Though the Humminbird 409450-1 688ci HD XD Internal GPS/Sonar Combo Xtreme Depth Fishfinder is significantly less expensive than the 899ci and the 999ci, I would not necessarily recommend this particular Humminbird fishfinder model. Many of the helpful features of the 899ci and 999ci are not included in the 688ci, such as 360 Imaging and a link for i-Pilot compatibility. Without these technologies, the user’s visibility is greatly hindered. Previous paths are not as easily tracked making navigation more difficult. Fishing is supposed to be a leisure activity, so why cause unnecessary frustration? Remember, the inexpensive choice isn’t always the best option.

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