Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Side Imaging Combo Chartplotter/Fishfinder

Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Combo

Last on the list of best fishfinder GPS combos is the Humminbird 409380-1 398ci  Combo Chartplotter/Fishfinder. This model may be the smallest of the four I have reviewed, but it is just as impressive and will surely work for many fishers. Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Combo is very easy to use and have all features of a fishfinder.

The Humminbird 398ci offers a 3.5 inch 240H x 320V display screen. These measurements may seem small, but the 398ci still delivers on quality images, with 256 colors and a luminous LED backlight. The standard sonar frequency is 200/83/455 kHz and this model can reach a depth of 1,500 ft. The power output RMS is 500 watts and the peak to peak output is 4,000 watts. It helps this smallest unit keep up with the bigger players. Like the other fishfinders, the 398ci is not portable, but can be attached to a boat with a Gimbal, Quick Disconnect, or In-Dash mount. Though smaller than the 688ci, the 398ci is also reasonable price and comes with a 1 year warranty from Humminbird.

UniMap Cartography

The Humminbird 398ci comes pre-programmed with exclusive UniMap cartography. It providing fishers with lake maps and contours already built into their fishfinder. UniMap claims to give users an accurate chart reading throughout the United States. The software covers inland lakes and rivers and the U.S. coastline at a resolution of 30 meters per pixel. These built-in maps are a great starting point for new boaters and fishers.

Tilt and Swivel Quick Disconnect Mounting System

This particular fishfinder model can be attached to your boat with a Quick Disconnect mounting system, with the movement capability to swivel and tilt. The Quick Disconnect mount allows for easy attachment and detachment, making changes or adjustments a breeze. The tilt and swivel function provides multiple viewing angles so you can see the display screen from any position.

Precision Internal GPS Chartplotting

Like the 899ci, the 398ci model includes an internal GPS chartplotting system. As I mentioned before, a chartplotter combines GPS data with an electronic navigational chart. To determine the position and speed of the boat in relation to the surrounding environment. With the integrated chartplotter, the 398ci can gather information both above and below the water’s surface and create various charts and maps.

In line with the previous three Humminbird models, the 398ci uses Side Imaging sonar technology to get an accurate view of the boat’s surroundings. This specific unit can only see 180 degrees along the side of the boat and below the surface, compared to the 360 degree view of the other larger models. Though limited, this view still provides users with a quality and accurate image of the aquatic world below.


  • UniMap cartography provides lake maps and contours
  • Tilt/swivel mounting for multiple viewing angles
  • GPS chartplotting for additional navigation and data
  • Less expensive than larger models
  • Compact design takes up less space

Cons & Solutions

  • Small display screen – less energy to run and takes up less space
  • Limited to 180 degree viewing compared to 360 degree viewing – less energy to run
  • Same price as 688ci with less features – still cheaper than the 899ci and the 999ci


1. Q- When viewing side images, is it possible to view a single side at a time in full screen mode?

A- Yes, you can set the unit to view either side independently in full screen mode.

Q- What speed works best for the 398ci model?

A- You must be moving 4 to 7 miles per hour for the side scan to work correctly.

3. Q- How long is the transducer cable?

A- The transducer cable is about 15 feet long.

4. Q- Will the Side Imaging work well in shallow water?

A- The Side Imaging units will show great detail of objects 50-75 feet away from the boat in as little as two feet of water.

5. Q- Can I adjust my Side Imaging sensitivity?

A- Yes, you can adjust sensitivity levels in the Side Imaging Express Menu.

Conclusion - Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Combo

I love the compact size of the Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Side Imaging Combo Chartplotter/Fishfinder, but something is fishy about the price. The 398ci model does not have as wide a viewing range as the larger models or as many navigational features, like an i-Pilot link, and yet it is priced comparatively with the 688ci. The built-in chartplotting and UniMap cartography offer a great mapping foundation for beginners, but the more advanced fisher may find these primary technologies too limiting. That being said, for someone new to the fishing community, this tiny fishfinder with easy attachment options may be the perfect catch.

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