Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD Combo Color Fishfinder with Side Imaging and Internal GPS Combo, Grey

Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD

The Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD Combo Color Fishfinder with Side Imaging and Internal GPS Combo in grey is also one of the best fishfinder GPS combos available. Cheaper than its 999ci counterpart, the 899ci offers quality and just as many high-tech features to aid you on all your fishing adventures.

The 899ci is a fan favorite among the fishing community. The 7 inch display screen has a pixel matrix of 800H x 480V and an LED backlight, just like the 999ci model, making the images easy to read under all lighting conditions. The standard sonar frequency measures at 455 kHz allowing you to explore thousands of feet below the water’s surface. Like the 999ci fishfinder, the 899ci’s RMS power output comes in at 1,000 watts and the peak to peak output reaches 8,000 watts to fulfill all your fishing needs. This specific model is not portable, but like the 999ci can be securely attached to your boat with In-Dash or Gimbal mounts. The 899ci fishfinder rings in at about $900, which is significantly cheaper than the 999ci despite the fact that the features on each of the models are quite similar. In addition to the less expensive cost, the unit comes with a 1 year warranty from Humminbird.

GPS Chartplotting

The Humminbird 899ci unit offers users the technology to plot charts and map out their fishing excursions. The built-in internal GPS combined with the chartplotting system allows you to determine the speed, position, and heading of the boat in relation to the surrounding environment. You can take readings both above and below the water, as well as track your whereabouts with the ContourXD mapping package that comes included with the fishfinder.

Ethernet Networking

With Ethernet Networking capabilities, your fishing possibilities are endless! You can link Humminbird units to share tracks, positions, routes, and waypoints with others in the fishing community. Temperature and speed measurements can also be shared among units with the proper Ethernet connection. If the fishfinder units share the same frequency, sonar readings may also be exchanged.

360 Imaging

Like the 999ci model, the 899ci unit includes Side and Down Imaging. This feature allows fishers a view of their boat from all angles, as well as an extensive glimpse of what swims below. The 899ci can see 3,000 ft. below the surface of the water, and offers preset points of view for easy tracking. Another handy feature is the DualBeam Plus sonar technology. This feature allows fishers to expand their coverage to equal their depth, creating even more underwater visibility.

i-Pilot Compatibility

Again, the 899ci and the 999ci models share similarities in their technological features. The 899ci is also compatible with i-Pilot, the leading wireless system in fishing GPS and navigation. With the i-Pilot link, fishers are able to document the paths they forge while out on the open water. The system provides top speed and accurate steering, as well as the ability to retrace previously tracked paths with precision. Navigation will never be the same again with the 899ci and i-Pilot.


  • Chartplotting to determine the boat’s position and speed
  • Built-in map system
  • Large LED lit screen for easy viewing
  • Multi-view 360 Imaging above and below the water
  • DualBeam Plus sonar technology to increase coverage

Cons & Solutions

  • Expensive – less expensive than the 999ci model and has several advanced features to make up for cost
  • Not portable – offers multiple mounting options


1. Q- Does this unit have the option to add external hardware?

A- Yes, an external GPS antenna can be added to this unit.

2. Q- Can I change the language on my unit?

A- Yes, Humminbird offers a Language Menu of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish.

3. Q- How many waypoints can be stored on this unit?

A- This unit can store 2,500 waypoints.

4. Q- Can I upgrade the transducer?

A- Yes, the base SI transducer (455kHz) can be exchanged for the HD SI transducer (800kHz) for an additional fee.

5. Q- Does this unit come with a mounting bracket?

A- Yes, this unit comes with a U-shaped mounting bracket which connects on the side of the unit.

Conclusion - Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD

Personally, I would suggest investing in the Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD Combo Color Fishfinder over the 999ci model. The price of the 899ci unit is substantially lower than the 999ci, and many of the features remain the same. Most buyers say that the only significant difference is the size of the screen. You are only losing an inch off the 899ci and will save $700. This unit offers multiple tracking features with room for upgrades to keep the most experienced fisher ready for the next underwater challenge.

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