Garmin Striker Plus 9sv (010-01875-00) with CV52HW Transducer

Garmin Striker Plus 9sv

Garmin Striker Plus 9sv with Transducer is the advanced technology fish finder includes sonar plus CHRIP. It has built in GPS and 9 inch bright display with map drawing software. By the Quickdraw contours mapping software you can create and store maps. This fishfinder also includes ActiveCaptain app to receive notifications, transfer waypoints, access Quickdraw community and updates latest version of software.

Garmin Striker Plus 9sv can be used as a fishfinder by connected to a transducer. In this unit different sonar views can help you the fish area to find the fish easily. There are four sonar views available in this transducer: a full-screen view, a split-screen view, a spilt-zoom view and a spilt-frequency view that displayed two different frequencies. Each of these views can be customized on the screen. If you like to adjust the frequency gain, you have to use spilt-frequency view. You can create a custom combination screen with the arrangement of sonar views.

Quickdraw Contours

Garmin Quickdraw Contours mapping software help you to create your own fishing maps on the screen. It is free software and very easy to use instantly personalized fishing maps with one foot contours of nearly any body of water. To use this Quickdraw Contours software you requires no special expertise. More than one sonar device can be connected with this unit and most capable sonar device will automatically be chosen. The advantages you can get from this Quickdraw Contours software:

  • Quickly see where you have been
  • Add labels to points of interest
  • Easily see bottom contours
  • Improve your saltwater maps
  • Share maps in the Quickdraw community
  • Start creating your own map

ActiveCaptain App

Another useful software includes in this device is all in one ActiveCaptain App for ultimate connected boating. Using this app you can get smart notifications, such as calls and texts on you chartplotter display. Make, save and transfer routes and waypoints between the app and the transducer. Easily upload and download latest Garmin Quickdraw Contours from the community. The free all in one ActiveCaptain mobile app allows you to manage marine experience from anywhere. More benefit you can get from this app:

  • Access charts and maps anywhere
  • Stay connected
  • Mobile Quickdraw community
  • Simple Syncing
  • Updated from the app
  • ActiveCaptain community
  • Control your chartplotter

Technical Specifications

Display type: WVGA color with 9 inch bright screen

Display resolution: 800 x 400 pixels

Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

Dimensions: 28.2 x 16.5 x 6.0 cm

Water rating: IPX7

Frequency: Duel-frequency (50/200 KHz) sonar capable

Transmit Power: 500 W (RMS)

Additional Features: Wireless Connectivity, Integrated GPS, Ultrascroll, Fish Symbol ID, Auto Gain technology, Adjustable depth line, Water temperature sensor, Course over Ground, Mark Waypoints

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