Garmin GPSMAP 441S GPS Chart Fishfinder Combo

Garmin GPSMAP 441S

Garmin GPSMAP 441S

The Garmin GPSMAP 441S is ready to straight out of the box. Installation is a breeze, meaning anyone can handle it. The interface is highly easy to understand. It can be learned with very little study. It is fully loaded with all the top American coastline locations, all being enhanced with an internal enhanced satellite base map. These charts include hard to gather mappings of areas like Alaska, Hawaii, and even charts of the Bahamas. For users of BlueChar g2 Vision card tech, this device accepts them too. This makes a great combination of additional features, full blown functionalities and higher resolution using satellite transmitted images. All made possible with 3D viewing via Auto Guidance technologies.

Another nice addition is the Transom mount transducer. Package comes with a back end mount for boats of various types. Also an additional chip is available as an upgrade from Garmin direct, this will be useful for users fishing inn the California delta. An additional upgrade card is available from the Garmin company for users located in Costa Rica or nearby locations. I can't say enough about this fish finder combo. I think highly of this device, based on all the information available. For the price, users are really getting the most for their money. If the price meets the budget, I recommend considering the Garmin GPSMAP 441S.

Technical Specification - Garmin GPSMAP 441S

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