Garmin echo 500c Fishfinder

Garmin echo 500c

Garmin echo 500c Fishfinder

Using the official Garmin HD-ID tech, target tracking is guaranteed. This mechanism is very sensitive and scans with RMS power of 500 watts. All information is displayed on the upgraded 5 inch QVGA display screen. Of course this is all complimented with a Dual Beam transducer for optimum technical performance. Ready to go in shallow waters or the deepest regions, this system device rocks. Also Garmin echo 500c is able bodied with a quick release mounting that tilts with absolute versatility.

The Garmin echo 500c Fishfinder is what the next generation of fish finders wants to be. It can scan at depths of 1900 feet without any hangups. It is very economical, if you can find one online or elsewhere. The word must be getting around about the quality of Garmin products. As they seem to be sold out on most of the major websites currently. Buyers should be aware that it requires a single battery that is nonstandard. I am assuming that the boat battery will suffice for power, but it maybe something to investigate before purchasing. Otherwise, the 500c Fishfinder is easily the best device in its price range on the market today.

This unit is very simple to use. If you forgot the manual at first trip and still able to set it without much fuss.The screen is easily visible even in direct sunlight. Overall it is a great sonar that you help to find fish and give you accurate depth reading.

Technical Specification - Garmin echo 500c

  • Display Resolution: 234 x 320 pixels
  • Display type: QVGA 256 colors
  • Screen Size: 5’’ 127 mm
  • Weight: 499 g (17.6 oz)
  • Frequency: 200/77 KHz
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS), 4000 Watts (Peak to Peak)
  • Depth Capacity: 1900 ft, 700 ft salt water
  • Imaging: 2D
  • Features Included: GPS Receiver, Large Digit View, Temperature Graph, Snap Short, Recording, Freeze Frame, Real Time Sonar,Split screen Zoom etc.
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