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Find Your Spot, Find the Fish and Do Both with a Fishfinder GPS Combo

Best fishfinder gps combo


Today, navigation is much simpler with GPS and for those of us who want to go fishing, we can now get fish finders that combine navigational charts, the accuracy of GPS all in the best fish finder GPS combo that you can put on your boat today.

Four of these great units will be reviewed for you today and the salient features will be presented. From this group, you can select the best of the breed for your own boating and fishing pleasure. For the angler, you can bring in the catch and mark exactly where you netted it. Built-in charts,navigation, GPS, and accurate imagery of what is beneath you. They also serve as depth sounders and prevent you from running aground and fouling you prop.

These versatile units have what it takes to give you the time of your life angling and just boating out on the water for fun and enjoyment.

Best Fish Finder - Reviews and Ultimate Buyers Guide for 2021

Today we are going to help you get the Best Fish finder for the money. First, were going to answer some of your questions about fish finders, GPS. This will better level set you for what is available on the market today. Finally, we will give you a choice for a fishfinder GPS combo that will fit your needs when you go out on the lake. To your favorite fishing spot on your next fishing outing.

Not only will you be able to find it precisely. In addition, you will be able to find exactly where the fish are. At what depth they are hiding. When you are done with this article, you will be better equipped to understand the new technologies and the state-of-the-art. That lets you find fish. You will also know your location. Combining the two, you take your fishing pleasure and fun up to the next level.

What is a fish finder?

By adapting, the SONAR system developed during World War II to hunt the German U-Boat menace. A pulse of sound is sent down that reflects back from any object that it hits. The amount of time it takes for the pulse to return gives you a range to the object. This show up as an arch or spike on your screen.

Today, the same principles our use to locate smaller submarines, which are the fish that you're trying to catch, Your display on your fishfinder gives a visual representation of the difference in time between the ping pulse leaves a transducer reaches the bottom and returns. The time differential indicates depth. The wider the beam of energy the more area you can cover. When a fish enters the area of the sonar pulse, a return occurs much quicker and it has a smaller area. This creates the characteristic arch, which is an indicator that there is something swimming under your boat. Today's transducers focus to various depths and processing allows for better discrimination shows the fish.

What is a fish finder GPS?

To help you as an angler engineers at the various companies have combined SONAR and GPS positioning into one compact unit. The addition of digital charts makes it a complete navigation, depth sounder, fish finder all in one unit. Microprocessors do the math, the display shows the chart, your GPS helps you navigate, and by switching modes, you can see what is happening beneath your keel. Something that was not available just a few short years back.

Top 10 Fish Finder GPS Combo Reviews

Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5

Best fishfinder gps combo - humminbird-409610-1-helix-5

You can enjoy an afternoon of fishing on the lake with Humminbir 409610-1 Helix 5 Fishfinder GPS Combo. You can see the land, the water, and the depths in which you are fishing. This allows you to choose the best places for your search and marks them. After you have chosen, the various places you wish to explore. So you can then set up waypoints and navigate from one to the next. Once you find a likely area. Again, you can use the Over 20,000 waypoints to set up a search to find the types of fish that you are looking for.

Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI

Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI

The Helix 5 Fish Finder with Down-Imaging and GPS is one more example of their winning technology and their commitment to your fishing pleasure. By combining a fishfinder, GPS, and a built-in database of charts for the waterways you wish to fish in. You now can locate exactly the best fishing spots, find the fish, and of course bring in the best catch of your life.

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4

The Garmin Striker 4 takes your fishing trips with a fishfinder to the next level by packaging it with GPS to let you find your way to the best fishing spots. The Striker 4 plots the course to arrive there faster and avoid obstacles. Garmin Striker 4 is the best kayak fish finder in the market.

With GPS, you can quarter an area and cover it systematically and with the right trolling speed to keep your hook position on the right depth.

Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD

Humminbird 440440-1 688ci HD

Recently we have added to our list for the Humminbird fishfinder GPS combos. This one comes again from Humminbird. The 640 X 480 5-inch screen makes viewing easy on the eyes. Its TFT Display gives you a full 256 array of colors. You see where the fish are hiding. You get the bottom contours as well. Also you see displayed the water temperatures. Now, you can get your hook down to where the fish are biting.

FishHunter Directional 3D

FishHunter Directional 3D

When needing a little assistance in finding the right catch, the FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless, Portable Fish Finder is one to keep your eyes on. In fact, the clarity of it is great. There are maps built in and picture clear. Although, the screen is small but that's okay because of the awesome clarity. It's easily readable while your handling or operating your boat at the same time. Also, the display of the temperature of water, voltage in battery, speed, and split screen fishfinder and chartplotter are all available in the FishHunter when the advanced mode is on. There are many perks to it and the main one is finding them fish.

Humminbird 595c Combo

Humminbird 595c Combo

By taking control of your fishing trips with a device that will help you find them is a fisherman's dream come true. Whether for recreational use, or really needing assistance on catching a bunch, the Hummingbird 595c Combo 5-inch Waterproof Fishfinder Marine GPS Chartplotter has what you need to get those fish biting on your jigs. From shallow water to 1000 feet in-depth, the ability to experience a great fishing experience utilizing it will keep you afloat. You'll be able to have a little more control on the water and what lies beneath you.

Humminbird 409640-1 HELIX 5 SI

Humminbird 409640-1 HELIX 5 SI

The Helix 5 SI GPS has a 5-inch color screen. It has penetrating power of 4000 W and is a true side scan sonar system. With built-in UniMap, charts and an SD slot to add additional charting capabilities. You now have the perfect navigational aid. Along with this, the ability to find isolates the species of fish that you're going after. This is truly a step up in the world of fishfinder GPS combos.

Getting the fish is the watchword today and all of the fishfinder combos we've shown today are more than capable of getting the job done with style and panache. They navigate you to within inches and look down deeper than ever before. They identify the fish and let you hook them and reel them in. When the day is done, you have a larger catch and bigger fish to show for your efforts.

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI

Humminbird 409830-1 Helix 7 DI

You have the next generation of Fishfinder GPS Combos. That alone makes it one of the fishfinder GPS combo packages around. It is accurate and with its new design, it does better than the earlier models for accuracy and image clarity. This will also find fish. It separates them from the clutter better than ever before.

But, add the newer and updated GPS that puts you on the map and keeps track of where you've been and where you want to go. It is more accurate and the display is cleaner than the other competitors on the market.You get DI down to 1500 feet and the built-in quick release gimbal lets you position it for your convenience and comfort

Humminbird 409850-1 Helix 7 SI

Humminbird 409850-1 Helix 7 SI

A truly large-screen at over 16 inches you have no glare. Whether from the sun or other light sources, you have crisp 480 x 800 resolution and can be powered from your boats 12 V electrical system. The Helix 7 SI GPS is the complete navigational system and fishfinder.

It builds upon the earlier Helix 5 series and takes it to a completely new level you have a more powerful CPU more RAM along with 4000 W of peak-to-peak power to blast down through the deepest waters. The returns are then translated into crystal-clear images. Side imaging along with down imaging you get virtual 3-D viewing of the fish and the underwater terrain beneath you.Transducer comes included. Optional chart packs are purchased separately.

What is a good fish finder GPS?

For you the fisherman, you need to be able to find the best unit that combines all the above-mentioned features into one unit that is simple to operate, easy to read, and gets good results for you to be able to identify fish, the bottom, and other objects that lurked beneath the waters. You need the following: in a good fishfinder GPS combo:

  • Large enough screen (5 inches or better)
  • Color with a minimum of 256 shades
  • Intuitive controls that allow you to rapidly find the view that you want
  • Programmability gives you the settings that you want to use the most
  • Be able to add information and save it to allow you to get back to a particular fishing spot where the fish are biting.
  • The information has to be archived off-line
  • The ability to use electronic chartsline
  • Set numerous waypoints to help you find your way about

What is the Topmost fish finder GPS combo on the market today?

Price is always a consideration, when it comes to sporting technology. In the market for fishfinder GPS combo tools, this is clearly demonstrated. The best fishfinder GPS devices range from $100 up to $1000 in price, depending on what you want to pay for ultimately. Although for some fishing enthusiasts, it is less a matter of price, than buying products with a wider variety of options and features. Yet, some want a combination of both great technology and a budget conscious price.

Fishfinder GPS Combo for 2020

So this year, the smart minded shoppers will want to compare digital fishing and fishfinder tools to make the better choice of products. Whatever the individual likes or dislikes, the following list of fish finding device information should narrow the search.

Fishfinder Under 100

Despite their good and bad features, any of the devices reviewed here are choice devices. Fish finders should be purchased based on usefulness and affordability. Some users don't care about cost, just wanting all the possible options or features. Other users will never be happy with something that costs too much. And still others lie somewhere between these extremes.

Lucky FFW-718 Portable Fish Finder

Lucky FFW-718 Portable Fishfinder

When I was new to the fish finder market, everything was about the price. In the Lucky FFW-718 portable fishfinder, I found a truly affordable combo that met my needs. It is a truly great fishing tool. For an inexpensive wireless and portable sonar fish finder, it is perfect for small boating purposes. Having the dot matrix 40 meter range is nice too. Although the primary reason I purchased this device is the convenience it offers.

Fishfinder Under 200

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

When web searching for this product, I suggest typing in Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 as the keywords. The entire product listing for this device is the Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder (Depth Finder) for Smartphone or Tablet, suitable for Ice Fishing, Kayak, Boat and Shore Fishing. That is quite a mouthful to say aloud, but an accurate description of this fish finder GPS combo.

Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5

Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5

The Humminbird 409590-1 HELIX 5 Fish Finder is a quality device. It is affordable for almost any budget. It allows viewing off the ocean or lake bottom beneath any boating vessel. It has a nice large display with high resolution. It also allows for viewing of fish and fish types easily, let alone being convenient to use. With all that said, there are a few things that the consumer needs to know.

Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI

Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI

Another reasonably priced under $200 dollar fish finder, although let the buyer read the fine print. The Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C Color Fish Finder is a step above the last model reviewed here. Online retail websites make several claims including high clarity from the 197C DI Color sonar, down imaging, and an easy to operate interface.

Fish finder Under 300

Humminbird 409600-1 HELIX 5 DI

Humminbird 409600-1 HELIX 5 DI

The Humminbird 409600-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder allows for fishing that is hassle free. Not only is a great deal for the price, but it has several distinct advantages. It is made highly durable, it is easier to install and it supports many comprehensive features. It is also compatible with HotMaps, AutoChart, Lake Master, and Navioinics Gold. This in addition to the Humminbird Down Imaging and Dual Beam completed by Switch Fire technologies. All this enables fishers to adjust to the right tuning by sensitivity.

Lowrance Mark-4 Combo

Lowrance Mark-4 combo

The look and feel of the Lowrance Mark-4 make it eye catching. It offers users a remote mounting system made to swivel, so it is easily readable from a variety of angles. This fish finder / chartplotter attempts to harness the best of modern sonar tech, so users can track fish and chart navigation simply. Whether an expert or amateur fisher, this is a reliable unit for the outdoor sportsman.

Fish finder Under 500

Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI

Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI

If actual screen size is not as important as advanced features, then the Humminbird 409460-1 688ci HD DI is a great choice. This internal GPS/Sonar combo fish finder puts the cost where users really want it, the features. It is an upgrade from the lesser Humminbird models and maximizes the fishing experience with GPS chartplotting, DualBeam PLUS sonar, memory storage capability, and a 256 color digital display. When combined this all the best standard Down Imaging it is a superior device on in the fish finding market.

Garmin GPSMAP 441S GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 441S

It maybe a bit hard to find one, but the Garmin GPSMAP 441S GPS Chart Fishfinder is the real deal. This fish finding device is the most compact designed chartplotter with a display that is amazing. Truly the 4 inch QVGA full color screen is a high speed digital wonder. It can be used to get better drawn mapping and pans like a champion. Although for about another $100 dollars, an upgraded model is available that has an even larger screen.

Garmin echo 500c

Garmin echo 500c

I have nothing but praises for this unique fish finding tool. Somehow Garmin has outdone the competition with a fish finder that has all the right features. The Garmin echo 500c Fishfinder is a slightly better item, than the one reviewed above. For users that have the extra money to spring for this upgrade, this is the better purchase. The 500c Fishfinder is the intuitive level fish finder, as it uses an uninterrupted sonar view. The product boasts about its priority software or Garmin Smooth Scaling technology. With this device handles depth changes without losing sight of any sonar histories. An additional feature allows users to rewind through their sonar histories. That is a sure way to not miss a stroke during any fishing adventure.

Fish finder Under 700

Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI

Humminbird 409470-1 600 698ci HD SI

As Humminbird products increase in price, so does the quality of their devices. The Humminbird 698ci HD presents an effective Side Imaging innovation at a value without extreme prices. It has a splendid 256 color on a 5″ illuminated screen. The 698ci sparkles like a fish discoverer and chartplotter should. It uses very conventional 2D sonar includes Side Imaging and Down Imaging. This gives users the opportunity to see pictures at 100 feet deep. Wow that is really cool.

Lowrance Elite-4 Gold Combo

Lowrance Elite-4 Gold Combo

What can justify the purchase of more expensive fish finding equipment? This combo from Lowrance maybe the answer to that question. The Lowrance Elite-4 offers a similar features to their higher priced models. The Hybrid Down Imaging is an innovation that uses the conventional broadband and Downscan sonar. The mountable Transom transducer onboard gives the most ideal perspective of submerged regions. Thew features on this fish finding device compliment each other well, but it is the overall quality that really shines.

Humminbird 409140-1 859ci HD DI

Humminbird 409140-1 859ci HD DI

Another Humminbird combo? Well it isn't just bias. When the objective is to catch all the fish possible, the correct hardware is significant. Poles, reels, and watercraft can take an angler far. To ensure they know where the fish are gnawing, more fishermen are swinging to the Humminbird 409140-1 859ci HD DI Combo Color Fish Finder.

Fish finder Under 800 and 1000

Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD

Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD

I rank the Humminbird 409150-1 899ci SI HD Combo Color Fish Finder as superior. Except for the online media hype being unclear about what you are getting or how to redesign. This isn't to say that this is a bad Humminbird model, but lets assess it fairly.

How to find fish with a fishfinder GPS combo

Some say it is an art while others say it is a science. The skill and the art, however, is the ability to interpret the SONAR returns that the fishfinder sees. On your screen, you will see different shapes and you are looking for what they call the arch this usually means a fish. It looks like a humped back spike on the screen. After experience and use for a while. Your eyes you can identify which are fish, debris, and algae in freshwater/ plankton in saltwater.

The more modern fishfinders have sophisticated circuitry that interprets the returns. That gives you with a reasonable probability a symbol for the type of fish.

However, when you are starting out using a fishfinder you should learn to read the returns manually before using the fish icons. Experienced anglers can often tell you what species of fish each return gives. Zero in on a likely prospect and send your hook down to see if you get a nibble. If it does not move, it is probably something else and you should move to the next return of interest.

How does a fishfinder GPS work

In orbit around the earth in geosynchronous positions, numerous satellites are sending out radio signals that your GPS is picking up. By doing mathematical calculations, it figures the angle between the location of the receiver and multiple satellites that give you a fix. This them is converted into latitude and longitude and inside your GPS on the charts that are calibrated in longitude and latitude and icon symbols is displayed indicating where your boat is now.

When your boat is moving the calculations that indicated the direction and the amount of time of travel between point-to-points gives you your speed. Waypoints on the chart and line between them and your simply compare your icon against where the line is. The closer you follow the line between two waypoints the more accurate your navigation.

How to use a fishfinder GPS combo

Install it on your boat. Take it out onto the lake. First, get used to GPS charting capability. Select through the GPS’s menu. You can see your boat on the chart and now you can find your way about on the water. Set waypoints and maneuver your boat to follow the lines putting your boat’s icon squarely on the line. Practicing navigation helps, you find your favorite fishing spot. Switch the unit over to fishfinder mode.

Start looking at the screen and practice using the different settings. A good fishfinder will have the ability to select water temperature. Based on temperature and on the intensity of the returns differences color show you what is what. Fish will be lighter. In the beginning, you should not the fish icons. Instead, learn to see the returns and watch them and identify, which are fish or objects. Drop your hook near a likely candidate and see what bites. After a while, you will be able to tell the difference between fish and inanimate objects that are drifting beneath your keel.

How to mount a fishfinder GPS

After opening the box, verify that all mounting hardware is there. Mount the transducer where the directions say. Run the wires to the unit. You have to drill holes. After doing so make sure you waterproof and seal all of them. Take particular care where the transducer cable enters the hull of your boat. The fish finder’s mount mounts where it is easily accessible and visible. This will depend on the type of boat you are using. Most anglers place the transducer on the transom. They place the display unit near where they sit while maneuvering the boat.

What is the difference between a fishfinder and depth finder?

A depth sounder is a coarse device that you send out a pulse and measures the return to give a bottom sounding. A fishfinder has much more discrimination. It allows focus on smaller objects at varying depths. The controls, therefore, are more sophisticated. With units that have a multibeam capability. You can see a three-dimensional view of what is beneath your boat. This allows you to identify fish much better. It also gives precise depth positions.

Which is the best kayak fish finder

This will vary according to the angler who uses them and reviewers. The choice will depend on how much fishing you are planning on doing. Many consider the Striker 7 the best today. Made by Gamin it has all the features one needs to reap the benefits of a good fishfinder GPS combo.

The pros spend thousands of dollars as they make their living off their skill and bringing in trophy sized fish. If the fishing goals you have are more modest. A simpler unit in the midrange from vendors such as Humminbird, Lowrance, Gamin, Eagle, Raymarine, and even Sears may fit the bill. They can get you out on the water and do an excellent job for you.

Where to buy a fish finder GPS combo

Buying a fishfinder can be a harrowing experience. You step into your local sporting goods store. Clerks put on the pressure and want to show you the most expensive unit they have. Therefore, shopping online is more stress-free and with this option, you can go to the various websites of the companies, we mentioned earlier or go to Amazon, as it has virtually every fishfinder brand you can think of. Once you have picked a few to look at.

Next, read the various reviews of the model that catches your eye. Also, read the negative reviews to find the downsides. Read between the lines as some of the negatives are from disgruntled owners. Others are paid,-reviewers. These either are hyping or downplaying a particular unit. One final thought on this is to consider your current financial situation. Perhaps you may need to set aside money and budget. This gets you the most fishfinder GPS combo.

Another good source for fishfinder information is fishing magazines. Their websites often do reviews. Doing a generic search, on "Fishfinder GPS Combos" will return thousands of results. Stick to the first five pages. This will narrow your search considerably. One of the best ways to get the best unit is word-of-mouth. Go to your local fishermen’s hangout. See which fishfinder GPS combos they are using. Moreover, perhaps they will let you go out with them and see how it works. The Lowrance website has fishfinder simulators that let you try out the various features. You can apply this information to help you make your selection whether it is with them or another vendor.

Which fishfinder GPS to buy for best use

In the midrange, hummingbird and Lowrance are the names to look at to get your best price and features. Humminbird's Helix 5 DI has a good selection of all the features you want and the rest of the series covers a wide range of angler’s needs. Gamin has similar products. This is a good place to start out with these. The three brand names as they are widely recognized. Their Fishfinders have had great success and high satisfaction among their owners.

Which is the best Fishfinder GPS for the money?

Hummingbird's 409610-1 Helix 5 gives you most of the features and provides quality and a good bang for the buck. It has the features we have talked about today. It has a good rating among the anglers who own it. Set your browser to Amazon and type “Helix 5” and you will find this particular model along with its siblings.


Getting the Best Fishfinder GPS combo for the money should be easier now. You understand the principles of operation. You see and what you the combo can do. Amazon and online buying speeds up the process and simplifies it. Also you have a larger selection to choose from. The Fishfinder GPS combo arrives at your door. You avoid having to drive around to sporting goods stores. This is a stress-free way to select and get exactly the fishfinder GPS combo you want. We have given you our vote for one that is economical and has all the features that you want. With your choice, you will enjoy the sport of fishing at a completely new level of exciting fun.